Dodec Lite: Football Diagnostic Tool   

Why Dodec Lite?

Fascinating Insights

Dodec Lite’s visualization technology helps coaches understand and analyse the progress of match better and faster. Provides deeper intellectual insights to the game and players’ performance enabling easy decision making for future matches.

Creative Game Play

Dodec Lite aids in improving team’s performance by helping coaches identify strengths and weaknesses of players as well as teams. Enables discovering opposition strategies and producing the optimum strategy for your team to beat the opposition.

Quality Improvement

Dodec Lite introduces the ability to compare the performance of all the players of a team both as individuals and a unit. Provides a comprehensive data of players’ performance showing increase or decrease in the development and shows the scope for improving their skill sets.

Our Users:

Dodec Lite is a football diagnostic tool for coaches and managers of football teams, training academies. Making game play and analysing easier, Dodec Lite enables better player selection, post-match analysis and strategy evaluation.

Our Features:


Storyboard provides in depth details of the proceedings of match in an easy to comprehend visualisation shown with respect to time. This also provides complete details of all the events that occur in the match. Some of the events include goals, corners, challenges, offsides, fouls, free kicks etc. Comprehensive details related to these events include the time of the event, event trigger main player (in case of the event goal, it is the goal scorer), event trigger secondary player (goal assist player), distance of the event from the goal and the result of the event (goal scored).

Optimum Team Selection

Identify players with the best communication and coordination with the rest of the team players. Know which combination of players work best for various opposition teams and for different strategy implementation. Aids in picking the optimum team for the strategies you want to implement. Also identify which set of players display better results under various conditions such as the formation in which they outperform, opposition team and the positions they are playing in.

Possession Analysis

Analyse the ball possession of each team in the various parts of the time. Find strengths and weaknesses of both the playing teams based on the ability to keep the ball in possession at a given point of time. This will help in improvising the strategy while playing against the same team in the future and increases the probability of performing better.

Energy of the Game

Find the amount of energy spent by each team during a specific time interval. Follow the rise or fall in energy of the team in a given match as the time advances. This will help in analysing the time period in which opposition team is at its lowest point so that your team can take advantage of counter attack. Any change in strategy can be applied at this point for optimum result.

Player Selection

Identify and analyse the right player to play against an opposition in the optimum position. Create the best possible combination of players for every match, the players who display better results under various conditions such as the ground on which the player performs better, opposition team, player position in which he is playing and the formation in which he is included.

Strategy Analysis

Identify, analyse, improvise and implement game strategies based on the data collected from post-match diagnosis. Evaluate strategies and identify the best strategy for a given opposition team and develop a game plan for the entire match. Helps in identifying the players that need to be played to counter attack the opposition’s strategies.