Dodec Lite: Football Diagnostic Tool


Digitalization, Data Acquisitions & Transformations

Data Analysis & Intelligent Decision Support

Data Visualization & Intelligent Algorithms

Our Products

Dodec Lite

Football diagnostic tool for team managers to diagnose post match details of the matches played along with the players involved in the game.

Scheduling Automation

Scheduling Automation is for intelligent Assignment and Scheduling Visualization.

Hasmart Irrigation

Hasmart Irrigation provides automatic water distribution across fields. This is ideally suited for crop cultivation, horticulture, floriculture and forestry.

Our Specialisations

Data Acquisition

We specialize in acquiring data from various sources which includes digital and analog data. Analog data contains the data generated via sound, light, heat, distance and many more. We also convert this analog data into digital data for further processing.

Data Analytics

We provide techniques and tools to analyse data to arrive at meaningful conclusions, decisions and actions. We cover data from a variety of sources in volume and velocity. We create very specific and also general analysis frameworks along with relevant methods addressed to provide sensible solutions.

Data Visualization

We enable data visualisation providing quick and comprehensive solutions for huge data with variety and speed. We provide tools and platforms to explore and gain insights into data for better applications. Areas of application include intelligent control dashboards in real-time mission control applications.

Intelligent Systems

We design and develop systems for plant, machinery, and applications that need intelligence. We develop intelligence into systems through data based techniques and advance machine learning. These systems are dynamic in nature, adapting and evolving in its environment.